[Ambassadors] ubuntu & fedora

Jukka Palander jukka at devspain.com
Sun Jul 12 13:54:45 UTC 2009

My answer is something like:

There are many discussion boards for different Linux distributions so
you should see the one related to the distro what you are using.. They
are specialized in one distro only but many of them also offers a topic
area for differences about distros.

If you do not know what distro to choose, there are many common Linux
discussion boards as well. By placing questions like "what is the
difference of this versus that" one should use these forums.

As I am Finnish, there are in example forums in Finnish:

http://fedorasuomi.eu/keskustelu - Fedora related (new!)
http://forum.ubuntu-fi.org - Ubuntu related
http://linux.fi/foorumi - any linux related



> I wonder how other Fedora ambassadors answer that question ...

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