[Ambassadors] ubuntu & fedora

Francesco Ugolini francesco at ephisia.org
Mon Jul 13 17:26:46 UTC 2009


I think this discussion was both interesting and instructive, for you,
for me and for everyone in the project (and sure for everyone who will
read the thread trough the Mailing List archive).

This isn't an attack to a person or to a question, this is a
meditation of what an Ambassadors is and should be.

We are here to learn from each other. We also have to keep in mind
that, like David suggested, we are the voice of Fedora Project: we are
here to give answers, right answers, to people that don't know what
Fedora, Linux and open source is.

We, Ambassadors, have a great responsability, one of the hardest one:
while developers has to assure that code must be stable for the
release, we have to assure that community understand the project and
join/enjoy our work.

That's why we have to guarantee a basic level, that's why people like
Joerg, Susmit and many others volunteered to mentor newbie and people
during the first steps in the project.

That's why you haven't to see this like an attack but as a occasion to
improve yourself, like everyone here is trying to do everyday.

So, if you have question, doubts on what Ambassadors project does or
want to learn something more before going mainstream, I suggest to
contact your local mentor. That's an advice that comes from my first
days/months in the project (*), during that time I learned a lot of
things talking (and learning) from someone who better that me knew
what to do. It really helped me a lot :)


Francesco Ugolini

(*) 2006, if I'm not wrong ;)

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