[Ambassadors] Official Map of Fedora Ambassadors

Mathieu Bridon (bochecha) bochecha at fedoraproject.org
Tue Jul 14 17:37:41 UTC 2009

> Where can I find the dynamics features that Shomyu will offer over the
> static map?
> I went to fedora hosted page for Shomyu and didn't not find extra
> features from the static map.
> I am just curious and want to look both projects to see if I can think
> of some additions for the ambassador map.

Well, basically, we're talking about two different concepts :
- Susmit's script fetches all data in FAS and generates a static map with it
- Shomyu will enable anyone to click on the map saying « here I am »

(note the different tenses: present for one and future for the other,
this is intentional ;)

Shomyu will have the following advantages:
- no need to wait some time for the map to be refreshed: it is always up-to-date
- no need to search somewhere your own coordinates and then convert
them in the expected format with an obscure calculation: you just

The second looks particularly interesting to me: if one temporarily
move to some place, IMHO one will be much more inclined in moving my
position if he only has to click on the map than if he has to
calculate once again, wait an hour, « oh, I made a mistake, let's take
this again from start », and then wait one more hour to see that this
time he made it right. :)

Also, Shomyu has the notion of « groups » anddisplays them as « layers
». So in one map, you can have all the Fedora contributors, but *the
user* can decide he only wants to see the ambassadors and translators.
He'll then uncheck the other layers (~groups) and only those 2 will be
presented to him, even though the data is still here for the others
(and another user might want to see only the packagers, etc...).

Finally, when setting up a map, one can choose that it will only ever
display data for one group. Only this one will then appear in the
layers (~groups) selector and thus be presented to the user.

But I can't stress it enough: I'm particularly happy that Susmit did
something to kill that hideous wiki page, even if he didn't take my «
baby ». I'm not trying to argue to death that he did a mistake and how
blind are you all to not see how Shomyu is better (which it is not,
since it can't really be used yet :)

Feel free to ask any other question, but maybe we should move further
discussion on Shomyu out of this list, as it doesn't really concern
the Fedora ambassadors. I'm available to answer any question, both in
private or on the Shomyu mailing list (or here, if you really think
this should stay on this list :).

Best regards,


Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)

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