Minutes from FDSCo (07 June 2005)

Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Tue Jun 7 21:48:01 UTC 2005

Fedora Documentation Steering Committee (FDSCo)
07-JUN-2005 #fedora-docs on irc.freenode.net
IRC log posted to fedora-dsco-list at redhat.com


Karsten Wade (Chair)
Tammy Fox
Gavin Henry
Mark Johnson
Paul Frields
Stuart Ellis


* Release notes really completed
* Installation Guide completed, Karsten still editing
* DOCG meeting tentative for 27 June

New Stuff

* Fedora Bounties
  * Stuart's idea
  * Others?
* Mether is pursuing a kbase idea
  * Toolchain update
  * XML clean-up
  * Red Hat Magazine publicity for FDP

Updates & Notes:

* Release notes are gold for FC4.

* Installation Guide will be gold very soon.

* Rahul Sundaram is pursuing a kbase idea.  This is seen by FDSCo as a
  good way to engage new writers, who can tackle short Q&A style
  how-to documentation without needing to learn DocBook.  Stuart and
  Karsten are providing point contact within FDSCo for this project.

* Mark and Karsten are working on Red Hat documentation toolchain
  details that they hope to push out to FDP soon.  The intention is to
  keep the toolchains lined up, with the stylesheets (XSL and CSS) as
  the main difference.  No promises yet.

New Actions:

FDSCo - review DOCG (Documentation Guide) ideas for 28 June meeting.

FDP - decide upon common documentation files structure (Paul will post
      the initial thread).

Karsten - create f.r.c/docs/release-notes/ and populate with all
          historical release notes, as released and errata where

Karsten - Do a final edit on Installation Guide.

Karsten - Tag final IG files as FC-4.

Karsten - Publish edit and publish IG.

Karsten - Connect whoever works on DocBook Wiki with Sopwith for
	  infrastructure discussions.

Karsten - Give some interview coverage about FDP and FDSCo. [PR]

Paul - Take discussion of docs-common/ to list.

Paul - Looking into XML programs to post-process code and clean it up
       (indenting, whitespace) on the server side.  This deals with
       normalizing the server side where we can't control the client
       (writer) side.

Paul - After 17 June to post a reminder about upcoming DOCG discussion
       on 28 June.

Gavin - Early stab at DOCG details.

Stuart - Email f-docs-l about screencast bounty idea

Stuart - Follow up with developers of screenasting tools

Stuart - Input one or more bounties into FedoraBounties

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