Fedora Release Graphics Specs

Máirín Duffy duffy at redhat.com
Mon Dec 11 20:17:13 UTC 2006

Diana Fong wrote:
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.  However, please let me know 
> prior to posting it on the wiki so I can double check the information 
> with our engineers here.  Thanks.

The information I posted there comes directly from the GDM and firstboot 
maintainers from when I wrote the FC5 GDM theme and when I was involved 
in the QA effort testing RHEL 5 Beta. I work directly with these 
engineers on a regular basis. Thanks for the offer, though. It is not 
needed, however. :)

>> 3. 'File Name + Extension: background.png + gdm' This isn't actually 
>> correct. GDM themes are more complicated than this. The theme is 
>> actually an XML file in /usr/share/gdm/themes/$THEME_NAME that 
>> references images, and the name of the XML file & image names and 
>> filepaths can be rather arbitrary.
> To help expand upon this section, I've included a link to 
> http://www.jirka.org/gdm-documentation/x1454.html for more information.  
> A cursory glance at the page indicates it to be informative...however, 
> if you find a more recent/better page, please let me know.

The official GDM documentation is a better resource and I can add that link.

>> 4. Should probably take out the screensaver lock dialogs information 
>> since I don't believe those are open for graphic design anymore. The 
>> sprites can certainly be modified though.
> I would like to keep the information available as the option to theme 
> the lock dialog image is still there and request for its consideration 
> was brought up during FC6.  

And turned down. There are a number of usability issues that theming the 
lock dialog bring about. We want a usable desktop first, then a 'pretty' 

> However, as mentioned before, the Lock 
> dialog as well as the GNOME splash screen are turned off by default (fwiw).

Because of the usability issues.


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