Fedora 7 Art Plan (was Art Team FC7 Progress So Far - Community Feedback)

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Thu Dec 21 11:46:56 UTC 2006

Joachim Frieben wrote:
> From: Nicu Buculei
>>> Maybe there should be a poll or similar. 
>> There is a kind of poll: the voters are the contributors to the project 
>> and the voting method is contributing in some way to a proposal or
>> another.
> This is not intelligible, as in my eyes, the "Borealis" theme was ready for release from the first draft on. So if there are no contributors since there is nothing to contribute left, one can hardly interpret this lack as a vote against the proposal!

"nothing to contribute left" is not correct. Even if the design of the 
first mockup was perfect, a wallpaper is not a theme, a lot of other 
things are needed and they do not look the same, simply because of image 
size, aspect ratio, number of colours and other constraints. Having a 
good image for the wallpaper does not automatically make it suitable for 
the GRUB splash or Anaconda banner.

Even if a theme is complete and perfect from the first try, there is 
still need of people to back it and say "this is the theme we should 
use" (just like you said).

BTW, I like better the variants from Round 2  (the "Some More" section 
of the Borealis page), the initial one is too plain (which is normal for 
a mockup).

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