[Fwd: [Fedora Project Wiki] Update of "Artwork/ReleaseGraphics" by DianaFong]

Diana Fong dfong at redhat.com
Thu Dec 21 22:38:29 UTC 2006

Máirín Duffy wrote:
> Diana Fong wrote:
> Also word-for-word notes that I wrote for the ThemingOverview page 
> somehow leaked in (eg notes on testing GDM themes) and were 
> miscredited. Don't worry though, I've removed my contributions so you 
> don't have to worry about that anymore.

Looks like you missed a few.

> (1) that's not the way wikis work, if you've signed the CLA you don't 
> need permission to make modifications and improvements to pages,
> (2) the specifications you contributed yourself had errors so 
> obviously you're not fact and error-checking before you post things 
> (check the history of ReleaseGraphics) and you did not discuss your 
> plan with the list before going ahead and just doing it,
> (3) there are others on the list perfectly capable of fact-checking 
> with either RH package maintainers or upstream package maintainers. 
> Creating and discussing theme elements and their specifications is not 
> that complicated. I've discussed GDM theme issues with Brian Cameron, 
> the upstream maintainer of GDM, and discovered our themes up to this 
> point have had accessibility issues we should address for FC7. This is 
> an open community and people aren't really that hard to get a hold of.

In (1) you say permission isn't needed and then in (2) you say i needed 
to check before doing.  I checked information with the people directly 
involved with taking the graphics on the Desktop team for our specific 
distro. Fact-checking by others is fine, but as I also follow these 
specs for RHEL graphics and the last two FC releases, it would be 
advantageous to check with me and our engineers as we are the people 
responsible for the end product.  And if, as you say in (3) is true, 
that this is an open community and people aren't really that hard to get 
a hold of, then it should not be a problem.

>> Being that this directly relates to my role within Red Hat's Desktop 
>> Group (as I go through this process several times for RHEL releases) 
>> I will ultimately be the one responsible for providing the team with 
>> the necessary usable graphics. Therefore, if the creator
>> follows the specs I've complied on that page, I would be responsible 
>> in seeing that it works for the engineers and any errors would not be 
>> of the creator who had followed my recommendations.
> I don't really see how that has anything to do with these wiki pages. 
> Ok, so you want us community folk to submit art that makes it easier 
> for you to prepare to hand it off to the engineers. That's cool. Why 
> not do this on the community-created and contributed page on the wiki 
> rather than creating your own bubble?

If also by submitting patches for applications you are also making it 
easier for the maintainer...then yes, I want for there to be as little 
incompatibility and missing images as possible when I approve the images 
and hand it off to the engineers.  It's no different than when 
submitting source code patches to a project maintainer; there's review 
and ping-pong to ensure that it fits in with the rest of the codebase.  
My own bubble is comprised of the Red Hat Desktop Engineers which, like 
myself, have themed several releases.  All the information combined to 
make ReleaseGraphics was to provide the Fedora Artists with a better 
understanding of what is needed by people who do this regularly.

>> And so with deviations and personal comments, I take responsibility 
>> of the content of the page with Release Graphic information separate 
>> of all other specs that a general ThemingOverview page should 
>> include. The page includes pieces from many people, I did not credit 
>> nor do I take credit.  
> "These are the notes and specifications I've accumulated from having 
> completed 4-5 release designs." --Artwork/ReleaseGraphics

Precisely...notes and specifications I've accumulated from having 
completed 4-5 release designs.

Diana Fong
Red Hat
Visual Designer | Desktop Group

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