This list is about Visuals (Was Re: [Fwd: [Fedora Project Wiki] Update of "Artwork/ReleaseGraphics" by DianaFong])

David Zeuthen david at
Fri Dec 22 02:49:43 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-12-21 at 20:40 -0500, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> I give up. You've completely obfuscated my points. Thanks.

Gah! I feel frustrated when I read statements like the one quoted above
and there's been a few others like that this past week.

It would really be nice if we all could be a bit more civilized and
constructive and not necessarily use each and every opportunity to snap
at each other. This list is not a competition about being the most
right, the most aggressive or the one that writes the longest or the
most mails - it's a forum for discussions about the artwork in Fedora.
Visuals. Let's not forget that.

Yes, I'm sorry for being the asshole calling order to the list but...
really... the signal to noise ratio on this list is really low (even by
Fedora standards) and prominent individuals in the community should know
a hell of a lot better that such such messages belongs off-list. This
whole thread probably does even.

Thanks. And a merry Christmas to everyone.


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