Fedora logo guidelines problem

mola pahnadayan mola at c100c.com
Mon Nov 6 22:29:26 UTC 2006

Hi all , 

problem come from guidelines to design and create art for fedora, if you
want to create background for fedora and want to add some effect to logo
in logo guidelines hasn't define any rule for doing this on fedora logo
like :

        1. can't move fedora logo in Z axis. only must use create image
        in 2D program , and can't not work in blender or other 3D
        2. can't change fedora logo color in 2D ( Sample : can't not add
        light effect on fedora logo because the color of logo has been
        change )
        3. You can't show Fedora logo at natural stuff like metal,
        cloud, glass ,  ... ( like
        http://people.redhat.com/dfong/icFedora/060712/fSky1.jpg )
Idea :
     A. I think for solve this problem must add some rules to logo
        guidelines that if you use it too create background or some
        other things you must regard that your design logo show this is
        an alias of original fedora logo.
     B. Remove guidlines from fedora logo that any one can use any type
        of it .

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