Fedora Dreams - Round 1

Nicola Losito n.losito at yahoo.it
Mon Nov 27 15:33:59 UTC 2006

Il giorno 27/nov/06, alle ore 13:34, Nicu Buculei ha scritto:

> Call me obtuse and old fashioned, but I really don't like that the  
> graphics are made with Bryce or 3D Studio. I think those graphics  
> should  show the power of Fedora and have to be made 100% with  
> Fedora (I expect big opposition to this from the Photoshop camp)

If my words are worth of being read then I have to say that as long  
the artwork submitted / created FOR fedora comes in free, standard  
formats they are all welcome.

If one can use Photoshop and then gives us some nice artwork ok, if  
it's valid we will accept it and then try the contributor to try  
again working with FREE Software, i think we have to be as friendly  
as possible and then "take to dark side" the young jedis


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