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Re: Unfavorable Distro-Watch Report

On 2007-02-05, David Zeuthen said:

>> On 05/02/07, John Baer <baerjj gmail com> wrote:
>> > I was not aware the decision on the icon set had been made. 
> Echo was made default very early on just right after the Fedora 7
> branch for the distro opened; from libgnome ChangeLog
>  * Fri Oct 27 2006 David Zeuthen <davidz redhat com> - 2.16.0-7
>  - Make Echo the default icon theme and require echo-icon-theme for now
> We did this to get people to file bugs against Echo so we can better
> evaluate whether it's going to be the default. It's not the same as
> saying it's the default; this is Rawhide after all, things can
> change.

How many feedbacks do you get from making Echo the default icon theme?
I want to say this is quite stupid as the icon set is very incomplete
and the first thing users probably would do is changing it to another
set which leave us with no feedback.

Leo <sdl.web AT gmail.com>                         (GPG Key: 9283AA3F)

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