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Re: Including artwork from older releases

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Since the plan is to refresh the desktop theme for every release, we would invariably have folks who like the artwork in one of the previous releases better than the current one. Since we already have a rule about not including version numbers in the current release, can we continue to including the older themes in subsequent three releases or something like that?

I used to support this idea of including graphics for a few older releases.
Now with the talk about alternate theming from the community, I think graphics from old releases can be on equal footing with theme packs from the community: in extra packages not installed by default but easy to install.

The only problem with this is that rhgb is not easily themeable but hopefully we are getting rid of that soon enough to not worry about it.

As I see, it make sense to include alternate graphics where the user can easily change them (desktop, GDM).
Where is not so easy (RHGB, GRUB) I see two ways:
- do not provide alternate graphics for these;
- provide a rpm to change the *entire* theming.

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