GDM themes/face browser

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Fri Jan 12 15:36:05 UTC 2007

Andreas Nilsson wrote:
> Sounds like a good idea. I think we need to aim as high as required by 
> gdm (128x128?) as photos will scale down properly, but not up without 
> things looking bad. The hope is that people will replace these with a 
> picture of themselves, their dog or some random funny picture they found 
> on the internet when personalizing their system.

I don't know the internals of gdm, but 128x128 is the maximum value 
specified by default in the configuration file, so there is a good 
chance it can be increased.
Do you think 100x100 or 128x128 is big enough for a 1600x1200 display?

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