Making Fedora Default Theme (release independent stuff)

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at
Wed Jul 4 20:29:43 UTC 2007

Hi all,
I have a few questions/suggestions about Fedora release independent
Artwork. Most notably gtk theme, metacity theme, kwm theme, qt(4) theme.
One of the reasons I started the Nodoka [1] theme was an attempt to fill
the gap we have - Fedora has not defined it's artwork so far. So there
are some questions that needs to be answered and I hereby ask your
opinion about them:

1. do we want a default Fedora artwork?
2. do we want to look KDE and GNOME artwork same/similar?
3. if we do want, who is to decide which one will it be?
4. is it good to make an n-round competition or just let something to
emerge from the wide community combined efforts?
5. is the art-list the proper for this discussion or some other lists
needs to be included as well (e.g. fedora-desktop, fedora-devel)?
6. could it be considered as a 'feature'?

And maybe other questions I forgot... So I think it would be good to
discuss those I asked and make a wiki page afterwards, so it will be
clean for possible contributors how can they help, etc. 

I mean this thread only for discussing the theme thing, not the themes
themselves, so if you have comments on some themes please make them
elsewhere (e.g. in a separate thread) :)


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