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Re: round 1 deadline approaching


sadly i pull out of the theming "battle" for Fedora 8.
My theme was MageFedoraTheme (not registered on the wiki).

The reasons i pull out are:
- The making of the theme takes more time than i'm willing to spend
for it. and figuring out how to make it work for both Gnome and KDE is
gonna take up so much more that i can hardly get it finished in time
if possible at all. Also when i make a theme i want it to be running
on both KDE and Gnome and not just gnome alone. that's not an option
for me.

- I'm also in the progress of making a PHP script which really needs
to get some more time now.

- And last of all. I want to see where redhat is in a few months. And
recent rumors about talks with Microsoft don't really motivate me to

So sadly enough i'm out.
If anyone wants my sources (.psd photoshop ... (yes i know, no oss
software) files.) Mail me privately on this mail and i will send them
to you.

To all other competitors that are still in.
i wish you all the best of luck while making the theme and please
don't leave KDE out of it. Also don't forget the taskbar.. becaue i
really get bored of that default gray and that can use a more fedora
style (light-blue? drak-blue?).

Good luck to all,

2007/7/7, Máirí­n Duffy <duffy redhat com>:
Hi folks!

The deadline for round 1 is next Wednesday. So if you've got some ideas,
set up a wiki page here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/F8Themes

And let us know about it on the list!


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