F8 Features pdf

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at seznam.cz
Tue Nov 6 21:54:04 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-11-06 at 21:05 +0100, Michael Beckwith wrote:
> I am in need of some help and/or suggestions for decoration of a pdf 
> intended to display all of the upcoming features in Fedora 8. You can 
> find what I have as of early this afternoon, at
> http://tw2113.fedorapeople.org/fed_overview/11-6.pdf
> I am wanting to get content placed first and then work on the 
> appearance. If you would like to contribute some graphics, or look for 
> ideas for some graphics, a good example would be Ubuntu's Full Circle 
> Magazine.
> http://fullcirclemagazine.org
> If you would like to contribute some graphics to be used or ideas, feel 
> free, I'll appreciate it.

Hi Michael,

it looks quite nice, I would however prefer some things a bit different.
First I don't like the fonts - the comic one has too narrow letters (I
prefer wider ones, maybe even rather sans or serif than comic, try e.g.
URW Gothic), the serif one is strange (it's DejaVu, isn't it?). Is it
intended for print or for screen? If for print, set the serif font to
something nicer, I'd maybe use some of the URW set (seems that URW
Bookman could be nice). I'd also use smaller fonts for chapters - I
usually use about 20 % bigger font than that of previous levels (e.g.
12pt for text, 17pt for chapters and 14pt for Sections). Or, if you want
to look it techy, you can use the fonts from the Computer Modern set
that are used by TeX.

As for the layout, I think it's too tight. First I'd use wider page
borders (about 1 inch each) and I would use wider space between the
columns (maybe something between 1 cm and 0.5 in). I am aware that these
changes will result in growing of the size (as how much paper is
needed), but nicer looking text.

Oh, and I just noticed, dunno for sure, but it could be good to turn
words division on, or at least work a little on the text to avoid over
too big spaces like in the 'learn more at' line (before

Also I noticed, one of the hyperlinks is set in bold while the rest is
set using standard glyphs, you should use bold (or italics) for all.

Just my 2$,

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