Attempt to improve the Gnome Desktop (grid)

Mark markg85 at
Sat Nov 24 00:55:48 UTC 2007


i've been annoyed by the gnome desktop for quite some time now.
i just don't like it that there seems to be no order in it. it also
seems to be that there is simply no grid (right?) if there is than
it's a way to freely grid. it makes the desktop look messy.

Now normally when i post a message here with a idea it normally stays
with a idea from my side and the hope that someone picks it up and is
gonna make it. This time i'm gonna try to make my idea happen but the
same time i know that it should be nearly impossible for me to
make/finish it.. i only have php and decent java knowledge (learning
java now in a 4 year education in computer science). O well i'm just
gonna try it.

Now for the idea.
In "the biggest desktop os" you have a grid for the icons where you
place then which makes it look nice. Gnome doesn't seem to have that
and therefore i want to try to implant that. the image of the grid
that i'm trying to implant can be found here [1].

Now if you would add icons and text in it with the grids visible you
would see this [2].
That's looking better than the default gnome desktop stuff don't you
think? And if you would remove the grid lines from view and remove the
icons that are only half visible than you get this [3].

Oke that's all good and well.. those nice images but how would it
work? what are the conditions? all those questions are answered for
you in the fourth image [4]. please note that i don't try to insult
anyone in the image or this text. i'm just being realistic. (pointing
to pango "critics" in the image)

Right now i'm gonna see how far i can get with glade. than just
further and further.
This discussion might be better in the fedora-devel-list or even the
gnome-devel-list but i posted it here for the images and the global
idea. if you have some critics or comments for it or just want to help
me to make this gnome improvement than please post it here. or let me
know by mailing me.


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