start the process for F9 theming?

Laith Juwaidah ljuwaida at
Wed Nov 28 10:34:51 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 28 November 2007 14:22:37 Nicu Buculei wrote:
> María Leandro wrote:
> > I think that I understand a different thing:
> >
> > I'm working into a Fedora wallpaper that should work for F9, and some of
> > my ideas are to making it alive :D (If the people was happy with the
> > infinity giving us the time... we could make the same transition of
> > images on the desktop but using something different as a pattern).
> I wanted to bring a talk (in a different thread) about dynamic versus
> static backgrounds and what we are aiming for in F9, but if you said
> about it, here is a good place to talk.
> The dynamic background was a popular feature, well received in the
> reviews, a step forward. But on the other hand it may limit the design
> options: it work very well for an abstract theme like Infinity, but it
> won't work for something elaborated like FlyingHigh and it would be hard
> (but not impossible) for something like DNA.
> So there are ups and downs.
> > The window style... Can we ad some textures to menu bar? (Gnome and KDE)
> > like a 3D sensation?  I now that we could make something on inkscape
> > looking like a pipe and instead see the things up the bar this COULD BE
> > SEEN as inside... (but I'm not shure that if this is possible.... just
> > saying what I have in mind to develop for F9 AS PERSONAL WORK)
> Like ? Yes, it should be
> possible to use pixmaps engines, but they are usually slower and consume
> more resources (and in my personal opinion look busy).
> > Menu, window... everithing.... we CAN make a new window style like
> > 3D.... why don't we go for it?
> Why? Because nobody convinced us this is the best thing. The best way
> would be for you, I think, to create a mockup, post it here and impress
> everybody.
> > Yes... Here on LatinAmerica (Venezuela) the patents issue is really big,
> > so.... (kind'a proposition) why don't we re-make a new style concept on
> > the desktop for Fedora 9? It could be the start for a longer way.
> The same thing: post a mockup and get some enthusiastic followers. If it
> is something complex it may take more than one release cycle.

Wow! A lot as been going on here :)

María, I like your proposals (3D, dynamic backgrounds, etc), I've been 
thinking about the samething, but I didn't say anything because I thought 
that it'd be stupid and not welcome.

I would like to talk to you about this, and maybe we can let the rest know 
about what we reach as a conclusion :)

Do you use GTalk? I'll add you up!

Laith Juwaidah
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