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Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Fri Aug 8 12:11:19 UTC 2008

Martin Sourada wrote:
> As for the license -
> it is for you, as the author, to decide what can others do with your
> work (can they use it? can they modify it?...) Unless you state
> explicitly the rights you reserved for your work (either by writing them
> down or selecting a licence that satisfy your needs/wants) it can be
> considered Public Domain, which basically means that whoever can do
> whatever he wants with your work (of course, with the exception of
> deletion). In the art team we tend to use the CC-BY-SA licence as it
> gives permission to others to re-use or modify your work as long as they
> give you proper "credits" :-)

The thing is, when no license is stated, all rights are presumed as 
reserved, the copyright kicks in automatically, the work is proprietary 
and we can't use it.

Its been a while since I joined, the procedures have changed, is the CLA 
shown when someone create a FAS account? Will the signed CLA kicks in 
automatically for any file uploaded in the wiki?

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