Rodrigo Leão rodrigoleaobr at
Sat Dec 6 13:32:27 UTC 2008

(excuse-me my bad english)
I'm a brazilian teacher of brazilian's literature. But I like graphical 
arts and I make a blog whit any comic-strips ( in 
I ever used the Ubuntu in my computer, but since the version 7.10 this 
sytem lost speed and efficiency. Then I install the Fedora 10, and, to 
my surprise and satisfaccion, I like it.
I want to contribute to the Fedora Project, and I can offer is the my 
talent in the graphical-art.

I contact the leader of the "Revista Fedora" (Brazil), and join in this 
group to officialize my contribution as ilustrator and designer of this 

My english is very bad, but I hop you can understand my intention.

Rodrigo Leão

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