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Wed Feb 13 14:23:35 UTC 2008

Hello all, i've been sitting on the list a little lost and not saying much for
a coupla weeks now and its about time i piped up :)

My name is Ash Joseph, i've been meaning to get some bits together for the art
team for a while, but i was having CLA problems and was a bit lost with the
process, also i've been trying to throw myself into GIMP and inkscape (still
not quite there with inkscape though :/ ) hopefully i can be of some use more
towards release 10, i had a few ideas a couple of months ago for an F8
alternative wallpaper theme based on infinity, but i never finished one of
them and they were made with photoshop and fireworks and also i couldnt submit
in time, which is a shame (blasphemy, im sorry)the links to them on my
deviantart are at the bottom, anyway i hope to get more involved in future and
i look forward to working with you all :D


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