A Thought About F9 Artwork

Valent Turkovic valent.turkovic at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 16:55:41 UTC 2008

Steven Garrity wrote:
> John Baer wrote:
>> Does it make sense to change the theme every other release cycle and
>> use the off cycle to improve or tweak the current theme?
> This is a good point - it would be nice to see a somewhat common theme
> getting more and more polished with each release. More of an evolution
> than a complete redesign each time. That said, the last few themes have
> been a bit like this.
> Things that are easier to change, like the splash screens and wallpaper
> can change more frequently and dramatically. Things that are more
> challenging to redesign well, like Gtk and Metacity themes evolve more
> slowly.
> This reminds me of the 6 layers of buildings from Stewart Brand's
> classic book, How Buildings Learn:
> http://www.peterme.com/archives/00000323.html
> I would like to see a general visual theme for Fedora that can slowly
> evolve and improve with each release, but still have enough wiggle-room
> for each release to feel new and exciting.
> I proposed a seasonal Spring/Fall theme set to coincide with the
> time-based release schedule of Fedora back in November. I've been trying
> to create a page for it on the wiki, but I'm having trouble getting my
> account created (probably my own fault).
> Quoting myself:
>> As the Fedora release schedule is now about as reliable as the coming
>> of spring and fall, it occurred to me that spring and fall might
>> serve as appropriate visual themes for alternating releases.
>> Both "spring" and "fall" (aka autumn) are nice natural visual
>> metaphors that have recognizable and (potentially) beautiful color
>> schemes associated with them. They are also both "natural" themes,
>> which can work well for desktop themes.
>> Perhaps we could adopt a "spring" visual theme for the odd-numbered
>> releases that fall in the spring, and a "fall" visual theme for the
>> even-numbered releases that fall in the, well, fall.
>> This would also provide a way to have a strong visual change between
>> releases, but still build on a larger theme that could grow more
>> refined over multiple releases.
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-art-list/2007-November/msg00099.html 
> A theme like this would allow a common thread for all Fedora release 
> visuals, but also a nice back-and-forth change for each release.
This sounds like a great idea. Can Fedora change colour palette? Sorry 
for my lack of knowledge if RedHat or Fedora board have forbidden using 
other colors but blue-gray and the palette around those colors.

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