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Thu Jan 10 14:51:02 UTC 2008

Hi Nicu,

Thanks for writing this up :) Here are some of my thoughts on the round
1 proposals:

Nicu Buculei wrote:
> The deadline for Round 1 was a couple of days ago, so here are all the
> submissions we gathered so far (a valid submission must have an
> announcement on the list and a wiki page):
> Listed chronologically:
> - CODE 9TO9, by Jiri

- It's an interesting concept but I think visually it could be more
exciting if the 9-pointed shape was shown from a different angle other
than straight on.
- The colors used are sort of towards the more pastel-ish blue which is
what we used for f8 so I think maybe more bold colors might be good just
so there is more of a change from f8.
- We traditionally do not have version numbers in the artwork so I don't
know if the one with just the 9 is a good idea. I don't think the
graphic needs numbers to 'explain itself' -  rather it's an interesting
idea to have a 9-pointed star shape as the focus of a series of abstract
visual compositions.
- One thing I am happy about with this concept is that beyond the number
9, it does relate to Fedora: 'endless' and 'cyclic' pretty much
represent 'infinity'.
- What does "algorithm 9483726159" mean?
- One last thing, while the shape is endless and cyclic, when I look at
it those aren't the first ideas that come to mind, maybe there is a
better way to visually express that - maybe having arrow heads or some
pointed/directional shapes in the pattern?

> - Freedom, by Michael

- I think the concept of freedom is great but I am not sure that these
visualizations are the best way to communicate that idea. Usage of
imagery about someone escaping being chained up don't always evoke ideas
about 'the good guy was wrongfully jailed but now he is free.' It might
make people thing about escaped 'bad guys' too, or maybe it will make
people think Fedora is a bunch of escaped software pirates. (See what I
mean?) It's not the most positive imagery as is right now, but your last
sketch, the one with the window - I think that one is the best one, as
it puts some emphasis on the positives of freedom. I would make that
window bigger and bolder... or maybe the entire focus.
- As per the above comment, I think maybe this idea could merge with the
"At Last" theme... which I think visually depicts the idea of freedom
but in a more positive way.
- The chain sketch does remind me a bit of the Fedora DNA theme.
Actually at one point I did a series of paintings, each to depict a
different Fedora concept, and the one I did for 'freedom' showed a chain
made out of the Fedora infinity logo getting broken. I don't actually
have access to that graphic right now but if I can find it I will send
it to you. I did have some struggles with it visually to make it look
like a broken chain - if I just drew a broken chain without using the
infinity symbol to do it then it wouldn't relate to the other paintings
in the set (which were entirely constructed of Fedora logo parts, see
[1] and [2])

> - Waves, by Martin

- I really like the idea of this one - the main reason is that
waves/water are very natural, and we have gotten a lot of feedback about
how folks would like to see more 'natural' themes in Fedora. GNOME
upstream also has been working to bring 'nature' to the desktop so it
also fits nicely with what they are doing. But it is 'nature' our way -
water is symbolized by blue as is Fedora.
- This is very calming imagery - especially the first sketch. Very good
for a computer which may at times be quite frustrating. :) It really
reminds me of a Japanese zen garden (as I mentioned on the page) and the
pattern of the stones.
- I *love* *love* *love* the suggestion from TrondDanielsen - "I think
it would be cool if the pattern would change during the day to make the
waves propagate outward just like the current theme changes colors
during the day." That would be SO awesome!!!!
- I think the 2nd sketch is the weakest. It seems very mathematical and
abstract, and I guess I am very excited about the idea of bringing
'nature' to a very 'unnatural' thing (a computer) so I am least
enthusiastic about this one. We just had an abstract/wavy-line theme in
f8 so the change the other two sketches suggest are much more exciting
to me.

> - Night, by Mola

- I am not sure how this relates to Fedora conceptually at all? There
doesn't seem to be an explanation?
- It seems very similar to f7's theme in basic layout and I think it
would be cool if we did something more fresh.
- I guess I can't really say much else. :( The scene is drawn nicely but
I don't see how it relates to Fedora.

> Electric Sphere, by Mola

- Again I am not sure how this relates to Fedora conceptually. What is
it trying to say?

> - At Last, by Andrew

- The first time I saw this it reminded me of some of the images GNOME
uses for GUADEC (the major annual GNOME conference):
- This is an interesting idea but as others have commented it might be
weird to show faceless people or show photos of people nobody knows in a
theme. What might be cool is getting many pictures of Fedora
contributors (anyone going to FUDcon this weekend?) and using those are
the 'models'
- I think using just one person is bad. Use many and make this about
community as well.
- The pose the guy is in is a bit strange - it looks like a yoga pose maybe.
- As mentioned earlier i think this idea meshes well with the 'Freedom'
proposal. You could maybe show the guy or some people indoors in front
of a window with a beautiful scene (maybe the 'night' proposal scene
during daylight! :) )

> - Shoowa, by Luya

- I think the pattern is very interesting - I am not sure I fully
understand the cultural context behind these patterns though. Can you
explain their meaning / connotations a bit more? What is the cloth used
for? Who makes it? Do the patterns symbolized anything? What is the
cloth made out of? etc. Do any of these have implications that relate to

Hope this feedback is useful!


 (that one is community)
(that one is infinity)

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