Nodoka GTK Engine 0.7 beta 2 released

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at
Sat Jan 26 17:04:39 UTC 2008


today I've released gtk-nodoka-engine- (0.7 beta 2), and built
packages for rawhide, so with next compose it should appear in repos. As
for the looks, it is more or less what will be in F9 final, so now I aim
on fixing issues and bugs, so that it would work flawless when Fedora 9
is released. If you find any bugs feel free to report them in trac [1].

And here's ChangeLog [2] selection with commentary since latest stable
release in fedora repos (0.6 with backported patches from 0.6.1):

* scrollbars redesign
- it is now mac-like and so the slider and steppers has rounded corners.
It has some problems when used in gecko and that's why I disabled it at
first for firefox, but after consultation with mozilla guys I enabled it
again, since they fixed the problem in Firefox 3 which will be in Fedora
9. I still have to investigate whether there is a way to disable it for
gecko <= 1.9.

* remove separator from Option Menu
- this further differentiates Option Menu from Combo Box, but I am not
100% sure about this change. If I receive a lot of negative feedback
I'll add it back.

* Check and Radio Button Bullet colour set in RC
- many people complained about the bullet colour itself and about the
fact that it was hard-coded. This is the answer to their calls.

* New focus representation
- You know, the old dotted rectangle focus ring sucked. So I added two
engine options to allow nicer focus representation. One is adding
transparent rectangle over the widget, the other one is to set, whether
we want the secondary focus ring inside or outside the widget. Due to
focus styling of Tabs and Radio and Check Buttons these options have no
effect on their focus ring styling.
- In firefox the focus needs to be handled traditional way (i.e. drawn
independently on the widget), so Check and Radio Buttons have in firefox
different focus representation than in ordinary gtk app.

* Gradient support in Toolbar and Menu Bar improvements
- I added one more type of gradient to Menu Bar and added same support
for gradients in Toolbars as is in Menu Bar. Both are handled
independently via engine options in RC file.
- This has, from what I noticed so far, two drawbacks. One is volume
button in toolbar (it draws its own background, while it IMHO shouldn't;
I noticed it in Listen Music Player) and next is new message button in
Evolution, for the same reason. For the Evolution one I noticed that
Clearlooks workaround this by disabling gradient in evolution toolbar.
However, I am personally not interested in such workaround.

* New themes
- Yep, I created several themes featuring the Nodoka engine. They all go
to the gtk-nodoka-engine-extras package. You can see how they look in
the Screenshots page [3] in nodoka trac.

* Fake real transparency for Spin Button, Entry and Progress Bar
- This allows having these widgets with rounded corners with as much
roundness as one please, but when displayed in not-so-standard locations
like in toolbar or on web page the transparency is gone... If anyone
knows of a way how to use really transparent background for these I'd be
grateful to hear that.

* Style list headers in evolution as list headers
- As these are in ECanvas in ETree or ETable it needed some kind of
workaround in the engine, but it seems to work flawlessly.

* Tooltips styling
- Yep, finally I added styling for tooltips as well. Now it uses subtle
gradient and soft borders.

* Improvements to Spin Button
- Apart from fake transparency, the buttons are now separated and
responsive to user actions (like mouse-over, etc.)

* Add RTL support
- This issue was brought on the table thanks to firefox guys and as such
I tested it only in firefox, so if someone with right-to-left text set
in their locale could test it, I'd be grateful.

* and various bugfixes


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