Nodoka GTK Engine 0.7 beta 2 released

Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek jakub.rusinek at
Sat Jan 26 17:28:45 UTC 2008

Dnia 26-01-2008, sob o godzinie 18:04 +0100, Martin Sourada pisze:
> Hi,
> today I've released gtk-nodoka-engine- (0.7 beta 2), and built
> packages for rawhide, so with next compose it should appear in repos. As
> for the looks, it is more or less what will be in F9 final, so now I aim
> on fixing issues and bugs, so that it would work flawless when Fedora 9
> is released. If you find any bugs feel free to report them in trac [1].
> And here's ChangeLog [2] selection with commentary since latest stable
> release in fedora repos (0.6 with backported patches from 0.6.1):
> * scrollbars redesign
> - it is now mac-like and so the slider and steppers has rounded corners.
> It has some problems when used in gecko and that's why I disabled it at
> first for firefox, but after consultation with mozilla guys I enabled it
> again, since they fixed the problem in Firefox 3 which will be in Fedora
> 9. I still have to investigate whether there is a way to disable it for
> gecko <= 1.9.

Did I reported this on their BZ?

> * Check and Radio Button Bullet colour set in RC
> - many people complained about the bullet colour itself and about the
> fact that it was hard-coded. This is the answer to their calls.

Good news.

> * New focus representation
> - You know, the old dotted rectangle focus ring sucked. So I added two
> engine options to allow nicer focus representation. One is adding
> transparent rectangle over the widget, the other one is to set, whether
> we want the secondary focus ring inside or outside the widget. Due to
> focus styling of Tabs and Radio and Check Buttons these options have no
> effect on their focus ring styling.
> - In firefox the focus needs to be handled traditional way (i.e. drawn
> independently on the widget), so Check and Radio Buttons have in firefox
> different focus representation than in ordinary gtk app.

I love new focus indicator :) .

> * Gradient support in Toolbar and Menu Bar improvements
> - I added one more type of gradient to Menu Bar and added same support
> for gradients in Toolbars as is in Menu Bar. Both are handled
> independently via engine options in RC file.
> - This has, from what I noticed so far, two drawbacks. One is volume
> button in toolbar (it draws its own background, while it IMHO shouldn't;
> I noticed it in Listen Music Player) and next is new message button in
> Evolution, for the same reason. For the Evolution one I noticed that
> Clearlooks workaround this by disabling gradient in evolution toolbar.
> However, I am personally not interested in such workaround.

That's great :) .

> * Tooltips styling
> - Yep, finally I added styling for tooltips as well. Now it uses subtle
> gradient and soft borders.

They are very nice too.

Overall, new Nodoka looks smoother and nicer. It puts modern feel into
GNOME environment.

Thanks for you hard work :) .

Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek
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