new tshirts

Gerold gerold at
Wed Jan 30 08:33:23 UTC 2008

> Max Spevack wrote:
>> We would like to make tshirts for a variety of Fedora needs.  I thought
>> I would email this list to see if folks here wanted to work on ideas,
>> etc.
>> This is a very liberal request -- I don't want to put any restrictions
>> on your ideas or designs.
> It may be naive from my part to put such a question when I already
> anticipate the answer, but how about the tshirt colors?
> Sure, the answer is: preferably the designs would work on a large
> variety of backgrounds, may it be white, black, dark blue, right blue,
> red, pink or whatever.
> But from a design point of view it may be useful to know your target and
> use lighter colors for a dark background and darker colors for a light
> background (and avoid the same shade of blue for the graphic and the
> background).
> One solution can be alternative designs, light and dark.
> And another questions for the people on the list, as I personally don't
> have experience with printing tshirts in a professional manner: I
> understand we have to keep the colors count to a minimum due t price
> concerns, what is the maximum allowed number of colors, 3 or 4?
If I read this, ...
... Nico you raised up a wonderful idea in my brain. Let?s try to abstract
and tell you (I imagine, it's easy to realize) ...
have you ever seen the Ambassador Polos of Europe (there are existing
approx. 50 pcs. global)? If not please have a look at
(shows max wearing one of these ...
If we now do the following for example: We create a design in general;
maybe "Logo on front" and a "artwork on the back" and then we go ahead and
define that we have two color-layouts or color-sheme, a layout/scheme for
"inside" fedora (maybe the dark blue one) and we have a "community layout
(maybe with the light blue, or as a negative of the other one) ...
This could maybe bring the community/visitors of fairs closer to us and we
have a seperation of "what is shown" and who is part of what ...

just an idea, do you like it???'



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