Applying to the Art group in the Accounts System

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Wed Mar 12 17:19:48 UTC 2008

Máirín Duffy wrote:
> Do you think it would be fair to require folks applying for art accounts 
> to post a self-introduction to the list? How about complete at least one 
> minor design task? (EG hackergotchi or banner design off the design queue?)

And this would help us clearing a bit the DesignService queue at the 
same time, win-win :D

> We might want to go through the current accounts, contact the inactive 
> account owners to see if they still intend to get involved in the group, 
> and if we don't hear back from them in x time or if they indicate they 
> are not interested, remove their accounts from the group.

There are some users *we know* will not come back and contribute to 

> We've been getting a lot of account requests lately and while I do know 
> a few folks who are working on things, there are a lot of names that I 
> don't recognize and I haven't seen active on the list or working on 
> projects that we are aware of at least. Adding someone to the art group 

For a large number of people in the group I don't remember seeing *a 
single* post on this list.

> is a big deal because it gives them the right to vote in Fedora 
> elections I think among other things. The marketing group had proposed 
> an introduction requirement to add people to the group and I was 
> thinking it might be good for us to have a better policy as well.

Considering the power allowed, it make sense to require some kind of 
introduction and maybe a *small* task (which may be formal: the person 
has contributed in the past to an external Fedora oriented site, has 
contributed to another Fedora project sounds like acceptable credentials 
to me).

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