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Klaatu and Gort gort.klaatu at
Thu Mar 20 06:44:02 UTC 2008

Hello Fedora Art team.  I'd like to introduce myself so that I can
start getting involved with the Fedora artwork.

My name's Klaatu, and I'm a video editor and graphic designer by
trade, a Linux geek by hobby.  Once fooled into paying real money to
get a Photoshop certification, I'm now an avid user and fan/promoter
of the GIMP...and slowly coming to terms with Inkscape...  My work can
be viewed at

I'm eager to take on some stuff that needs to get done in the Fedora
art world, and I'm excited to get Fedora 9 KDE out of alpha and onto
people's computers!! (but most especially mine)

That's it.


use linux. support free software.
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