Applying to the Art group in the Accounts System

Ian Weller ianweller at
Thu Mar 20 16:05:06 UTC 2008

On Thu, 20 Mar 2008, Nicu Buculei wrote:
> Máirín Duffy wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Do you think it would be fair to require folks applying for art accounts 
>> to post a self-introduction to the list? How about complete at least one 
>> minor design task? (EG hackergotchi or banner design off the design queue?)
> Here is a first draft (it probably could use corrections from a native 
> English speaker) for the message to be sent to people who requested 
> membership and have not been accepted yet:
> =========================================================================
> Hi [name],
> I am [name], one of the sponsors or the Art group in the Fedora Account 
> system (FAS).
> I write to you as a follow-up to your request to join our group. We 
> receive a lot of such requests, some of them coming from people unknown 
> to us or inactive in the Art Team.
> If you want to join this group, please subscribe to the Fedora-Art 
> mailing list [1] and write a small introduction,allowing us to know you. 
> Also if you want to show us your capabilities, please have a look at our 
> jobs queue [2] try to accomplish an open task from there and post it to 
> the list.
> Note that if you will not act in any way, after 2 weeks your request 
> will be deleted automatically.
> Be aware that membership in the Art group of the FAS is not a 
> requirement to participate in the project, to post or answer questions 
> on the mailing list, on IRC or to use the Wiki, it is a privilege 
> granted to established contributors.
> [1] -
> [2] -
> =========================================================================
Works for me.  If I got that email I'd get off my butt and do something!
> I think the message for current but inactive or unknown members can be 
> similar (modeled by the same structure).
> There is a category of existing members on which I am not sure how to 
> act: people active in general in the Fedora project, members in other 
> groups of the FAS (for example in the Ambassadors group) but not active 
> in Art. I am not sure how/if the Art membership is useful to them (or 
> not useful to us) but I also do not want to kick them out, they are our 
> colleagues.
If they're part of Fedora by now, they should know the rules...
> There is also a category: "former Red Hat employees who left Red Hat and 
> Fedora and will never come back (we know that as a fact since the way 
> they left)" (wow! how lame am I to create such a category for only one 
> person only not to name her :D). I think in such case I can delete on 
> the spot, right?
In the one case, I'd say yes, but don't base it off my decision ;)

-- ian

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