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Adam Sobotka vorcigernix at
Tue May 27 18:47:22 UTC 2008

> Are you this Adam Sobotka
> ?

yes, that's me

> but we as a group (the Art
> group) are not using it directly (can you elaborate on how it could help
> us?)

Ok, I know deviantart, that's a cool site I loved in my photo era (btw, your
fedora flower photo is really good). I know even mugshot, but purpose of
these sites are different.
Most of us are IT profesionals and this site is about connecting sharks in
these waters. is good enough to be here and have fedora in tag, just
to let others know that we belief in fedora future (this might be touchy
subject, I am for example mostly paid by other side).
But there is another create group in there and make even more
visibility to our case. This should...or better say I hope this should...
drive more people in project. As I said before...I love Art group results,
but even very good can be even better.
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