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Luya Tshimbalanga luya at fedoraproject.org
Tue Oct 7 07:57:04 UTC 2008

Nicu Buculei a écrit :
> Martin Sourada wrote:
>> After few tries I decided to go "button-like". It is like you create a
>> button with the shape of the original letter, but without any holes in
>> it and draw the letter on it. First it is consistent with e.g.
>> dialog-cancel design, second it is easy to recognise and third (and most
>> important) - when you add the holes, it makes the icon hard to read. 
> I think I have to *see* those "button-like" icons in a real toolbar to
> decide if I like the style. The PNGs saved on my desktop do not look
> good on a colored background, but not that bad on a light gray one
> opened with eog.
> I think the shape for striketrough would be better with the dash on
> the same plane as the letter face, not on top of it (attached).
> Probably you can do it better with extra details (show the top of the
> dash).

That version of striketrough looks better because it perfectly integrate
with the letter.
>> I used URW Bookman L font for the design because it nicely shows
>> differences between bold/normal/italics font faces. I hope the usage is
>> OK, the font is not embed in the SVG - I converted it to paths to be
> Isn't the font Free? I think it is.
Confirmed, it is a Free Font.

>> able to better work with it. I followed gnome metaphors in using only
>> "a" because "b" (bold), "i" (italics) and "u" (underline) is English
>> based and not suggestive in many other languages (like my own, Czech).
>> I attach 32x32 versions for quick comparison, the one-canvas ones are
>> available at my fedora people page [1].
> And I attached a preview with all the icons grouped, I find it much
> better for previewing.
Seeing the preview, a serif typeface is much a better approach than
using sans-serif.


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