Fedora 10 promo video (draft)

Paolo Leoni hydra84 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 17:35:44 UTC 2008

First of all, thanks for your feedback about my little "video try".

>>* I think pointing out "Solar" when you use a sun for the backdrop is
>>probably unnecessary -- it's actually cooler to let the sun speak for
>>itself as our theme.
>>* The music is licensed as CC BY-NC-SA, which isn't appropriate for
>>Fedora.  Remixers need to be free to use the material commercially if
>>they want.  (Besides, I'd look for something where the performance
>>doesn't have so many wrong notes and "clams.")

I'll correct issues about "titolation" text as soon as possible, and
I'll search a song with a correct license ;-)

I've had to use Kino because unfortunately It seems to be the only
almost-free software for video editing. Other option is Pitivi, but much
"base functions" for video editing are not included.

>>Well, if we don't allow software from rpmfusion then we are SOL, no
>>videos beyond screen captures made with Istanbul or recorded from
>>webcam with Cheese.

To the actual situation the most advanced ready-to-use software is Kino,
but I know the main branch of Kino is no longer developed (only bug
fixes, last main version was released on March 12th, 2007).

>> Kino uses certain codecs so can't be included in Fedora. It is
>> usually installed from the just-launched repository that sould not be
>> named :p

Kino contains some "link" to proprietary codecs, apart these links I
think that Kino could be considered a completely opensource software.

The last problem: it's improbable to find video-files in a "native" free
format. Much devices records data in a proprietary format, then is
necessary a tool from an external repository that uses proprietary codec
for converting the video in a free format.

The question is: it's acceptable the use of Kino (actually from
third-party repository) for video editing in order to produce video
files for "Fedora Project"?

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