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Mon Oct 20 20:13:58 UTC 2008

Martin Sourada a écrit :
> Finally I'd like to throw some fuel for discussion (mainly on the
> art-list). We are a lot criticized for inconsistencies in the projection
> we use in echo. Strictly speaking we are using 3 different types of
> projections and we have rules which is used where and we are pretty much
> consistent with that. Especially we do not introduce any other different
> projections to these and thus trying to keep the set consistent. In that
> we are even better than gnome - I discovered a few of icons there that
> does not adhere to their projection guidelines and have their own
> (though usually only slightly different from the main types).
> But on the other side it turns out that having three main types of
> projections is too much for an icon set and that having two is about the
> right number. So I started discovering the idea a bit more [2] with the
> hope to come to some conclusions (in the future) about echo projection
> guidelines. I am thinking about creating a parallel icon set that would
> use echo guidelines sans the projection ones, but I have not yet decided
> on the used type of projections. 
Quick comment,

I remember having a discussion with Maírín about setting perspective for
24x24 and less icons. Perhaps applying that illustrated perspectivs to
all categories at those sizes might help. Spherical icons will have much
Extra small icons (16x16) should stay flat due to their size.


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