Proposal: Wallpaper extras submission/packaging procedure

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Mon Oct 27 09:02:51 UTC 2008

Jóhann B. Guðmundsson wrote:
> I personally think we should hold a wallpaper contest photo artwork etc
> with a specific subject/theme in conduction with fedoramagazine each month
> or so then top 3 picture ( or top in each category ) would be picked 
> added to the wiki and package.

My tendency is to decouple packaging and contests. Have the images in a 
proper gallery and the users can use RSS feeds and see "best rated", 
"most viewed", "last uploaded" images with no effort.
And they really need the packaging? They have the photos open in their 
browser and Firefox has an "Set As Desktop Background" command (it 
appears broken if Firefox/GNOME, but that is just a bug which needs a 

And from this large pile of images, a packager may make a manual 
selection with the "most usable" images (or more packagers can to their 
own selections and packages).

As for Fedora Magazine, it can automatically pick "the most viewed 
upload from the last week" or "the best rated upload from the last week" 
based on RSS... and we definitely must include JonRob in this talk about 
the magazine...

Jon, here is the thread, for reference:

> There has to be some kind of review process both for the wiki and or 
> contest.
> I can flood the wiki with pictures which I would think were good but 
> that necessary does not
> make it that the majority of the public agrees with me..

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