Proposal: Wallpaper extras submission/packaging procedure

Jonathan Roberts jonrob at
Mon Oct 27 10:21:53 UTC 2008

> My tendency is to decouple packaging and contests. Have the images in a
> proper gallery and the users can use RSS feeds and see "best rated", "most
> viewed", "last uploaded" images with no effort.
> And they really need the packaging? They have the photos open in their
> browser and Firefox has an "Set As Desktop Background" command (it appears
> broken if Firefox/GNOME, but that is just a bug which needs a patch).

Why reinvent the wheel - why not just take advantage of Gnome look? Or
set up a Flickr pool - I think one already exists possibly?

> As for Fedora Magazine, it can automatically pick "the most viewed upload
> from the last week" or "the best rated upload from the last week" based on
> RSS... and we definitely must include JonRob in this talk about the
> magazine...

With respect to the magazine, I'd be more than happy if someone from
the art team would be interested in doing a monthly post that would
share work that members of the art team were involved with - whether
it was Fedora related or just created using tools exclusively in
Fedora. Obviously, as Nicu said further down, there would need to be
some kind of editorial review...

I certainly need to speak with Martin about getting his echo overviews
published on there...

I sadly don't have the time to organise the posting of any more
content myself, as life is getting busier. If someone is interested in
working with me on this, drop a note and we'll see about getting you
added to the blog members, either as editor or author.

Sorry thoughts are a bit spread out, I'm in the library between classes.

Thanks for thinking of Fedora Magazine though :)


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