Artwork Quality (was Re: Sound themes)

Jonathan Roberts jonrob at
Wed Oct 29 08:19:19 UTC 2008

>      * Free and open source software enthusiasts, developers, and
>        remixers.
> I haven't polled the entire team about it, but I can pretty much
> guarantee you that this description is _not_ what we see as the target
> audience for the Fedora Desktop.


I guess the best I can do is invite you to come and discuss this issue
with us on the marketing list. The reason, I think, we decided to go
with this as our primary audience, is that the pace of development in
Fedora, the amount of breakage, and our inability to ship restricted
software by default means that in reality, we're not going to be a
distribution for your average desktop user.

While they might make a suitable secondary audience, from the point of
view of promoting the great desktop development work you do, they're
not necessarily the people who are most likely to actually be using
the desktop in Fedora (though they may well use Fedora technologies in
other distributions - and we want them to know this!)

If you disagree, please come and talk with us!

Of course, this does not necessarily mean that we can't design artwork
for that audience, but I trust in the hands of the art team ...


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