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[Echo] format-text-* icons


I've just finished four of the format-text-* icons. For the ones for ltr
and rtl I am not yet sure what metaphor to use and since I don't
remember seeing them anywhere I think we can wait with their fix for

Some background to the design I used: I've started with the 16x16 size
this time (usually I start with the bigger ones) because these icons are
really crucial to be crisp and have recognisable metaphor especially in
small sizes (usually they are in tool bars in the 22x22/24x24 version). 

After few tries I decided to go "button-like". It is like you create a
button with the shape of the original letter, but without any holes in
it and draw the letter on it. First it is consistent with e.g.
dialog-cancel design, second it is easy to recognise and third (and most
important) - when you add the holes, it makes the icon hard to read. 

I used URW Bookman L font for the design because it nicely shows
differences between bold/normal/italics font faces. I hope the usage is
OK, the font is not embed in the SVG - I converted it to paths to be
able to better work with it. I followed gnome metaphors in using only
"a" because "b" (bold), "i" (italics) and "u" (underline) is English
based and not suggestive in many other languages (like my own, Czech).

I attach 32x32 versions for quick comparison, the one-canvas ones are
available at my fedora people page [1].

Comments welcome,

[1] http://mso.fedorapeople.org/echo/Actions/

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