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Re: [Echo] Addressing ticket #25 with revamped keyboard + shortcut variant

Martin Sourada a écrit :
> To me, everything below 32x32 is almost unreadable. The side of the keys
> is too dark and as a result outline gets lost there. Did you tried
> making the key shape a little pyramid-like? I'd suggest to bring the
> keys closer, or even join them together in the smallest sizes. The 16x16
> really does not look at all like keyboard.
Did for preferences-desktop-keyboard-shortcut.
> You could perhaps try classical approach - whole keyboard, with key
> labels only on the 256x256 version. The shape is pretty easy to
> recognise even at small sizes and details are not much necessary there,
> you just need to make it look like keyboard ;-) You might even reuse
> (with slight edits, more detailed 256x256 version and different oriented
> 16x16 version - top look on the keyboard) the keyboard from the computer
> icon.
Using that approach, 32x32 and above looks like. I had to simplified
22x22 and 16x16 for the keyboard.




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