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Re: Proposal: Wallpaper extras submission/packaging procedure

On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 09:00:15PM +0000, "Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" wrote:
>> Perhaps a few guidelines can keep submissions (and RPM sizes) down. We'd
>> need to come up with those. Or, perhaps, some sort of voting scheme or
>> committee, which would decide each individual image.
> As nicu pointed out when I discussed it a little bit with him today on irc
> that for example, who would be in that committee?
> Everyone on this list would want to contribute....
Yeah, bad idea on my part.

>> Or! a quota for how many images can be in each package. And instead of
>> categorizing images, why not have the packages by month? For example,
>> wallpaper extras decided by a certain date in December and on the
>> mirrors in January.
>> </idea_overflow>
> First I would say we need a subject or a theme or something to focus on  
> for this months
> photo/art project. It would gives something to focus on instead of  
> trying our selfs to come up with something.
Sounds good! Then have a new package of wallpapers per month? Perhaps
ten or fifteen at a time?

> Second it should be taken ( the photo ) or created during a certain time  
> period that again would put art lovers to create
> up with create something new( instead of going into archives ).
I disagree with this. What if you already have (found) something
excellent? No need to discriminate based on creation date.

> Third it needs to be categorized for example.
> In the photo contest we have at work you are only allowed to enter  
> photos that  has not been altered in any way other  than
> you may have "enhanced" colouring on the raw output of the photo, no  
> photoshop-ing or gimp-ing allowed.
> Then we have another category you can alter the original image as you  
> see fit through photoshop or gimp or other image editing program.
> you can add others like  the people that can create this stuff from  
> scratch ( I know I cant ) as in drawings, water paints oil paints 3d and  
> so fourth.
So, adaptations of original photos? Sounds like a nice idea.

> </idea_overflow_continued>

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