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Re: Fedora F's buttons

Clint Savage escribió:
I do.  I have done that before many times.  I'll look into doing that
on sunday.  I assume you are referring to the fact that I need to make
the images CMYK and making them pdfs so printers won't complain.  I'm
capable of doing that :)

Thanks for the vote of confidence.


You don't have to do that, actually... However Scribus SVG support is rather flaky and most of the time (except for really simple "kosher" SVG files) you will get an error stating that some features of the file were not supported. Also it tends to get the size "wrong", not the actual size of the drawing, but rather it kind of adds an additional "holding box" to the drawing. My personal recommendation when handling graphics with Scribus would be to export to EPS and then import that into Scribus, or export to bitmap (with the added side effect of reduced quality and "raster artifacts" [pixelation]). Regarding color management, I'd recommend you use the very latest snapshot of Scribus available from the OpenSuSE repo (there is a Fedora yum repo for it) because the one included in Fedora is quite outdated, and now largely unsupported (v 1.3.4), then you may grab the package with ICC profiles off Adobe's download section and install one of those ICC profiles into scribus so you get a color managed window (it is NOT recommended to install a printer ICC profile into Scribus unless you *REALLY* need it and the target printer supports it). Then you can generate the desired PDF and you may even embed an ICC profile into it to ensure proper display/print, don't forget to select the desired target media when generating the PDF!

my 2¢

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