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Re: F10 on OLPC XO illustration request

I don't know, but I can find out.
Though I did get these yesterday - I don't know if they'll help at all


ryan lerch wrote:
Are there any existing line drawings / vector drawings of the XO (even a CAD representation of the XO may be useful)?


On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 2:45 AM, Karlie Robinson <karlie_robinson webpath net <mailto:karlie_robinson webpath net>> wrote:

    Good afternoon everyone.
    Good afternoon, a quick intro and then the real reason I'm here.
    I'm Karlie Robinson, a Fedora Ambassador and most recently a
    member of the Fedora OLPC SIG.
    This is my first time requesting artwork, so please don't hesitate
    to email for clarification.  After all, I think I need images to
    get the idea across so words are bound to fail me.
    I've added a request on the Document Illustration Services page -

    I need an image or series of images illustrating how to insert a
    SD card into the OLPC XO.

    This will be used for instructions on how to load F10 onto the XO.

    I will also be using these to print instruction cards at the
    request of OLPC for SD cards that will be sold along side the XO
    at the Give One Get One at Amazon.com.  So black and white/gray
    scale version would be preferred.  Perhaps a line drawing?
    We need to illustrate how to access the SD slot by turning the
    monitor counter clockwise and then inserting the card into the
    slot. These photos may help visualize why words aren't the best
    way to point out where the SD slot is.
     http://www.laptop.org/en/laptop/start/externalports.shtml and

    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration,

    Karlie Robinson

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