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Re: F11 Art Schedule

Paul W. Frields wrote:
On Fri, Apr 03, 2009 at 07:44:52AM -0700, John Poelstra wrote:
Back in January I met with Mairin and others at FUDCon to plot the art schedule for Fedora 11. As a casual reader of the list I know some things are still in flux and have changed and in some ways that is expected and good. It seems that because the wallpaper was in beta you received feedback in time to change course. Maybe we should build a feedback period into the Fedora 12 schedule?

Just shamelessly bumping John's post...  Does anyone have thoughts on
the following questions?

I guess the others where trying to pass the burden of answering to Mo but she was busy at work.

* Should there be a feedback period built into the F12 schedule?

This release cycle was a bit unusual, as we didn't have multiple design concepts and rounds, we also didn't have blog posts about them, so the visibility somehow decreased. I don't think we need a feedback period, we need to get some graphics (concepts) as soon as possible to get feedback from the early stages. Is not useful if one week before the freeze we learn that everything is not good enough, we have to scrap it and restart.

* How can we improve the schedule of dates for Artwork deliverables,
  so that they're more realistic or constructive?

* What other changes should we make?

For both of those questions I think the best thing is that after the Preview Release, when we do not have the pressure of the F11 graphics on us, stay down and talk about what we learned and how do we plan to work for F12, get back to 3 rounds and the competing concepts, try once more a single concept, link or not to the release name and so on.

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