Help out with the f11 wallpaper?

Bob Peterson rpeterso at
Mon Feb 23 22:06:27 UTC 2009

----- "Máirín Duffy" <mairin at> wrote:
| A) Greek columns, high-res, including either the top or bottom of the
| pillar, straight-on / dead-on perspective, no angles.

Will this work?  I took this.
| B) A photo of a lake or body of water, with as clean a horizon as
| possible (eg., if there's only sky above the water, perfect, or a flat
| color above the water ,perfect. If there's a lot of different colors
| above the water's surface like trees etc, it will be too hard to work
| with.) The photo should be mostly water. E.g., something like:
| (NOTE: this one isn't
| the right license so we can't use it)
| C) A Spartan boat (see Luya's picture for the type), preferably shot
| from above so the camera is looking down on the boat
| D) Clouds - a nice clean shot of some dramatic clouds

I previously posted:
(which I also took)

| E) Olive trees, a full tree without much noise behind the branches and
| leaves so it can be cut out cleanly. Flat/level perspective preferred,
| but a from below perspective or from above perspective could be useful
| too.
| F) Vase (see Luya's sketch)

Still digging.
| For each photo you find,  write down:
| 1) the URL you got it at
| 2) what license it is under
| 3) the author of the photo
| 4) if the photo isn't up somewhere online (eg from your personal or a
| friend's collection), upload it to the wiki and provide that url.

Bob Peterson
Red Hat GFS

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