Art ideas for Fedora 11 (grub, boot, splashes, window decorations, button styles etc...)

Mark markg85 at
Sun Jan 11 16:10:17 UTC 2009

On Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 4:47 PM, Máirí­n Duffy <duffy at> wrote:
> Mark wrote:
>> The new name is now known: Leonidas
>> but my question for the theme still stands. So here is my initial post
>> on this subject again:
> I don't think the themes of FC1-4 were particularly notable, and I do think
> it is worth discussing a new theme for F11.
> Nased on Leonidas we could do something related to water or something kind
> of nautical.
> - We could get some inspiration from traditional nautical tools, like
> compasses, navigational charts, telescope, all that kind of stuff. It could
> have a kind of steampunk look.

The things i think of here (fedora slogans):
- (Compass) Fedora guides you through the linux distributions or
Fedora leads the way
- (Telescope) Fedora, a impact visible from space

And based on those "slogans" you can make up a nice wallpaper ^_^
> - Or we can get some inspiration from water and water traffic. For example,
> imagine time lapse photos of a river in a city over the course of a day,
> with folks rowing crew in the morning, sailing in the afternoon, with
> tour/party boats coming through in the evening - for the time-lapse
> wallpaper. We could also have Fedora contributors around the world take
> photos of bodies of water near where they live and those could be a set of
> supplemental wallpapers.
It could work...
not really sure what to think of it really.

> ~m

So a new theme would be welcome. Why not on the FC1 - 4 releases
(blue/purple like) which fits the name perfectly. Blue/purple is like
the ocean (oke, more blue then purple).
But one other theming thing... what about those rounds? and the
deadlines? I would like to mock something up but anything in the next
few (2 till 4) weeks is probably not gonna work for me because of a
school project.

And what about that brainstorming session.. which irc channel will it
be? when will it be held?

So much questions at this point ^_^


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