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Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Fri Jan 16 04:54:31 UTC 2009

On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 08:23:51PM -0500, Máirí­n Duffy wrote:
> John Poelstra wrote:

>> We also said that all of the banners need to be translated.
>>   Q: does this apply to only #a and #b or does #c apply too?
> It depends on the particular design. At a minimum, #a will have a  
> tagline that goes with it that needs translation. (eg right now we have  
> "Fedora 10 - Fire it up"

That is one item I've been wondering about, and we should note the
dependency on the design.art schedule.  Where do those taglines and
other similar bits come from?  If it's another group, we need to
ensure it is on their schedule, as well as note when it arrives from
that group.

- Karsten
Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener
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