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Fri Mar 13 00:12:03 UTC 2009

Hi all you fabulous Artists and Designers,

I wanted to ask about two things, backgrounds and other art.


I noticed that Martin produced a package of the leonidas-backgrounds,
and F10 users can test it now if they want:

I've tried it here on my F10 box and the package works perfectly.
(And frankly, I think it's quite lovely, although I have a bit of a
problem making out my blue-themed folder icons against the color of
the sky sometimes.)  Has anyone had a chance to announce this to
whatever population we want to test the backgrounds and report back?
Do they know what kind of feedback the Artwork team is looking for?


According to the F11 schedule:

...splashes and banners are something the Artwork team creates from
now until about March 27, two weeks or so from tomorrow.  Then they're
packaged by March 31, so that they can be tagged and included in the
Preview Release.

The listed splashes, headers and other art scheduled for March 27

* GNOME splash screen
* KDE splash screen
* Fullscreen splash for syslinux
* GNOME screensaver lock dialog
* Square splash for anaconda and firstboot
* Anaconda horizontal header
* Firstboot vertical header
* Fullscreen grub splash
* Plymouth bootup/loading graphics
* kdm login screen theme

Is the listed date of March 27 enough time to produce these various

* * *

BTW, the item of creating the Beta Website Banner is listed as to be
completed by March 20, and given the previous thread on this list, it
looks like that's well underway.  Superb!  I'm looking forward to
another incredibly beautiful release thanks to the talent and hard
work you guys apply to each new Fedora.

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