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FUDCon Berlin 2009

Hi art team,

On behalf of the FUDCon Berlin 2009 organizational team, I've got a few artwork requests that I'd like to make.

We already have:
 * the basic FUDCon Berlin logo, for use on a website
 * the FUDCon signage
 * the Four F's artwork

What we're interested in now is:
* a t-shirt for FUDCon Berlin, carrying on with the theme that was used for FUDCon Boston, but maybe with a new "tag cloud" * a one-page ad, for use in a magazine, or for pasting in different locations. * any F11-specific artwork, that we could make into a nice poster, when it's ready. * any generally useful Fedora banners that people might want to make, that we can use to adorn the hall (we will have an entire building to ourselves for FUDCon), so let's go crazy and showcase all sorts of stuff, especially since Mo will be in attendance (and I hope Nicu will also), and probably doing some talks about Fedora Art.

I'd love to use FUDCon Berlin to really show off the coolness of the Fedora Art team, and to provide our EMEA crew with some reusable resources for future FUDCons in the region, as well as some stuff that we can use for the F11 release, and then auction off or something :)

If some of this stuff already exists, can you just point me in the right directon? Thanks as always for being awesome.


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