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Re: FYI: Personalization in Windows 7

On 05/13/2009 09:57 PM, Máirín Duffy wrote:
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From: Martin Sourada <martin sourada gmail com>
But basically what I thing we need is:
      * an easy way to upload images (with info on licensing and various
        other comments included)
      * a place to store the images in
      * a place to preview the images
      * a system on selecting what goes in/out of the rpm packages

I think our current setup is suboptimal in most of those points, but I
ain't sure how to make it better.

Would some gallery software help us out?

E.g. we could maybe talk to Fedora Infrastructure about having a gallery install for our usage. The gallery client is kind of a pain to get working in Fedora but once you do it makes it very easy to batch upload photos to the server. We could make albums for different wallpaper themes (eg a nature album, an abstract album, etc) and within each album you can rate individual photos... could be a good way of picking the best 5 for each or however many we want to package for each grouping.


Like the gallery Idea but why go through all the trouble of package the backgrounds and ship a large set of images ( Mb )

Why not file an RFE against the application in the *DE that handle background settings that will be able to browse and preview those images
from the online gallery which the end user can then select and set as his default background?

This would save bandwith and the needed packaging hazzle..

The end user would also be able to preview the backgrounds online in his browser and right click the image and select to set as his default background...

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