Desktop Graphics Approval committee?

Garrett LeSage garrett at
Mon Dec 1 21:55:53 UTC 2003

Trae McCombs wrote:

>Hey all,
>I've recently noticed a few people tossing URL's out here and there for
>potential graphics.  I certainly hope there is some sort of approval
>process that makes sure only tasteful and professional graphics and
>artwork make it's way into Fedora.  
>There are other distro's, I won't name names, that include just terrible
>graphics and look awful.  Redhat, and now Fedora, is a really nice
>professionally looking disto, and I'm sure this is mostly because of
>Is there going to be some sort of committee that approves things?  If
>so, I would love to be on it.  If not, what is the process in which
>things could or could not be incorporated.  I think this needs to get
>detailed and presented so everyone will know where things stand.  I
>would hate to think that since we are opening things up, the the quality
>standard is going to go down.

For the time being, there will be no committee, but I will most likely 
be bouncing concepts and artwork off of selected individuals.  This 
group of people will mostly consist of those this list who choose to 
speak up and other trusted individuals, including contributors.


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