Desktop Graphics Approval committee?

Marky Goldstein ready at
Tue Dec 2 07:13:20 UTC 2003

Garrett LeSage wrote:

> Trae McCombs wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> I've recently noticed a few people tossing URL's out here and there for
>> potential graphics.  I certainly hope there is some sort of approval
>> process that makes sure only tasteful and professional graphics and
>> artwork make it's way into Fedora. 
>> There are other distro's, I won't name names, that include just terrible
>> graphics and look awful.  Redhat, and now Fedora, is a really nice
>> professionally looking disto, and I'm sure this is mostly because of
>> Garrett. 
>> Is there going to be some sort of committee that approves things?  If
>> so, I would love to be on it.  If not, what is the process in which
>> things could or could not be incorporated.  I think this needs to get
>> detailed and presented so everyone will know where things stand.  I
>> would hate to think that since we are opening things up, the the quality
>> standard is going to go down.
> For the time being, there will be no committee, but I will most likely 
> be bouncing concepts and artwork off of selected individuals.  This 
> group of people will mostly consist of those this list who choose to 
> speak up and other trusted individuals, including contributors.
> Garrett
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I suggest:
Let us give the desktop freedom.
There is one basic reason why the WWW was so successful. Anybody could 
develop a site with it's own design. Individuals, Companys, etc.
That's why Linux needs a open desktop - also from an art perspective. It 
will make Linux successful, also in a business world.
Anyway, this means we need themes (includinging icons and everything 
which make up a theme), we need theme design tools (for the artists and 
design companies, etc.)
We need a voting system for the public to vote for the default theme.
We need many themes to cover many tastes.
We need a theme database to build themes and even vote for single icons.
We don't need just single icons, we need "design systems".
I am ready to help!
Best regards,
Marky Goldstein

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